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The Beginning

I was looking through the bookshelf at the books, at those from my flatmates. “Pilgrimage to Anywhere” by Rijumati Wallis was the one I took out and opened…and as if something had jumped at me I felt I was “infected”. “Too late”, I thought, “even if I don’t read this book, it’s too late”. Something of the spirit of it has already entered me…pilgrimage..a journey with direction but no exact route…being on the road open to what happens, receptive, curious…

I closed it again and nearly forgot.

Some weeks later I watched a random youtube video on my phone about a man who cycled the world for 13 years, biciclown, Alvaro Neil. I was fascinated and I remembered him saying “give yourself a date otherwise you will not start”.

And on the early morning bus with my friend Ana Garcillan, still waking up, returning from a workshop we had offered in a school I told her about it. “Should I want to do a trip like that, Ana, I’m not a clown and less a street singer what could I offer to connect with people, to give something in return for hospitality on the road?” She just said “NVC workshops!”. This time I felt something inside comparable to a stone that falls onto a quiet surface of water creating ripples outward. It was decided. No more doubt. Cristal clear…..

That’s how it all started and with that sentence of Alvaro Neil in my head I chose the date: 02.02.2020…easy to remember, not too soon , not too late.

Yo no busco, yo encuentro. Buscar es partir de hechos conocidos y querer algo conocido en lo nuevo.Encontrar, es lo totalmente nuevo, también en el movimiento.Todos los caminos están abiertos, y lo que se encuentra, es desconocido. Es un riesgo, una sagrada aventura.La incertidumbre de tales riesgos solo puede ser asumido por aquellos, quiénes en la des-protección se saben protegidos, quiénes en la incertidumbre, en la ausencia de conducción son guiados, quiénes en la oscuridad se entregan a una estrella invisible y se dejan atraer por metas, y no determinan en forma humanamente limitada y estrecha la meta.Esta apertura hacía todo nuevo conocimiento, hacía toda nueva vivencia interior y exterior: es la esencia del ser humano moderno, quién frente a todo miedo de “soltar”, experimenta, sin embargo, la gracia de sentirse sostenido en la manifestación de nuevas posibilidades.

Pablo Picasso

What’s it About?

I want to bring NVC on the streets through what I have learned until now. I want to find out how a journey by bike can be when I put the focus on listening, listening beyond the words and actions. How will the encounters be with people I meet when my inner attitude is curiosity and interest especially for feelings and needs, those of the people I meet and my own. How does that change or influence our being together, our sharing stories? How does that influence my journey and my feeling safe on the way? How does that influence my ability of asking for help, opening up, making myself vulnerable and trusting in the other person. How will that attitude influence the person I meet in that way?

The journey has two parts: the first one could be called “Busker NVC”. Instead of connecting with people through singing, clown shows or circus acts I want to start conversations about common values, what connects us and what prevents genuine connection among us. I want to offer open workshops about NVC, either spontaneously or announced some days ahead when travelling from town to town.

riding into Freiburg city centre

The second part consists in visiting initiatives in education that integrate NVC as an important pillar of their project.

I want to hear first-hand how different people in different places bring NVC to education and what motivates them doing so. What will I see? How does it influence children in their trust in life, in their self-esteem, in their ability to listen to and express themselves? I would like to talk to them and experience their presence. How does NVC contribute to take the projects forward and to achieve the values they highlight? How does NVC influence the relationships among the teachers and with the parents.

I want to get inspired and share those stories. I want to create connection among the people I meet through that thread of shared stories. I want to add threads to a sense of interwovenness.

The journey is about inspiring and reminding each other of what we find important as human beings. Will I be able to bring curiosity to where I go and not hide behind prejudices and self-fulfilling prophecies?

It’s about travelling and that means being open for the unknown, for the unplanned, for what pops up, something I associate with leaning into trust., different to safety.

What’s the Story Behind?

It’s really about two parts of me acknowledging each other and recognizing each other as supportive and important. Let me explain:

I have this adventurous, independent part in me who values authenticity, freedom, choice, and integrity. He is easily a “loner” and I call him my “Lonely Wolf”-part. He made me travel alone. He brought me to Spain and live off the grid for 13 years, bringing up my children in the countryside with a simple life style committed to finding out how little we need to be happy. He kept me from being overstimulated and from consuming what I didn’t need. He helped me trying out new things and learn how to reconstruct a house in ruins. He kept me in distance from human behaviour that felt painful to me when being too close.

And I have this social part in me who yearns to belong. She made me learn various languages that permit me getting closer to people beyond the first appearance. It’s a part who socializes smilingly, who is curious to know more about the other person and values what is shared, a part who cares and wants to connect. It’s a part who wants to contribute to well-being, understanding, peace. It likes to communicate. It’s a part that experiences separation as painful.

A long time they thought their needs were contradictory, that it was either him or her. And only recently they understood that they can work together, doing this journey. They need each other to make it work and enjoy it.

And with an more expanded vision, me too, I need all the people preparing the journey with me and during the time on the bike.

I discovered recently that an element of violence is the thought that we are separate.

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