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This is the toughest….because there is a past I might talk about and then it doesn’t feel me anymore. Reset, synch, update….what is still valid from the past that influences me today, that made me who I am today? What is new? What is alive? Where does it all point to? Which place do I want to choose from where to contribute to a common good? What is it that comes through me, my gift, my contribution today and for the next years?

I was born in Berlin, in one of the biggest university hospitals. This was a security measure to be sure that doctors where present should I need them. My mother told me when I saw the outside world for the first time that we were surrounded by doctors and students for them to learn. So there were a lot of people and probably it wasn’t especially cosy or intimate.

I’m German because that is my mother tongue. We spoke German at home and I went to German foreign schools abroad. I changed school and country nearly each year and learnt languages and how to adapt.

I studied biology in Germany and Switzerland because I was fascinated by Jacque Cousteau. While studying the wish for marine biology got less motivating. Everything seemed awesome, all life forms amazing and I just went with what came up finishing my studies on orientation of ants in the Tunisian desert.

I married the young man I had met during the last years at school in Geneva. Our son Kalle was born in Lausanne. We moved to Germany where our second child Laura was born.

It was difficult for me to hear and sustain complaints around me of “not having” in a society I saw as full and rich and overequipped in every detail. Adding more energy to that didn’t make much sense to me.

By chance I met people, I made a bike trip alone and met even more and finally decided to move to rural Spain with my two children after my husband and I had separated. They were then 5 and 7 years young.

The next 13 years were dedicated to education and to creating a home, to experience how little we need to be happy, to question the narrative that we have to be specialists in order to build a house or make a living. I enjoyed the stove in the kitchen, the only place in the house to be heated and thus inviting the social life to gather around it.

My children fly free and have left home for some years now.

I’m discovering and integrating NVC for the last five years and made it my priority of interest and focus. It helped me to leave the far off country side protected from human frenzy and feel protected through understanding, empathizing and compassion. I was able to recover a different view of human beings I’m attracted to and I trust more.

I moved to Barcelona to put my energy to training and co-creation of NVC workshops sharing what really moves me. To NVC came IFS, a therapy model were I listen to inner voices as if they were separate people inside. What do they need? What are their beliefs? What makes them act and react?

I still work in an office part time to have an income and economical safety. And I yearn to transform that by finding answers to the questions : “What is my contribution and my handwriting in sharing what is meaningful to me? ” I would like to concentrate on that, which means to dare to take that dream serious and call it by its name…..

Friend’s words…

Me sorprende mucho su capacidad de escucha sin juzgar y atenta. Y cuando comparte o te ofrece su palabra siempre es cuidada, amable (del verbo amar).  Su presencia me inspira a mi también a ser cuidadosa con las palabras, a poner conciencia, a ser honesta. Y.

Me inspira confianza por su presencia real, su mirada, su apertura. Me siento segura porque su respeto a las personas no cambia como consecuencia de sus comportamientos. Distingue en lo que son y en lo que hacen. Sus palabras tienen “peso”, tienen fondo consciente. A.

Pensando en mi relación con Iris vienen a mi mente palabras como visión abierta, corazón acogedor, inocencia que se renueva… Veo en ella una parte de niña soñadora con entusiasmo infinito combinada con otra parte de mujer madura con toda la sabiduría y el aplomo de las experiencias vividas. Me resulta siempre inspirador encontrarme con ella. Hay espacio para las risas cómplices, el llanto acogido, la escucha respetuosa, la atención, el aprecio de la belleza y el gozo de compartir y cuidarse. Encontrarme con ella me reconecta con partes de mí misma que me gusta cultivar, las partes de mayor confianza, esperanza, determinación. ¡Me contagia su fuerza! N.

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