Decision Made / Decisión Tomada

The first time it happened I was still cycling through Switzerland: I cycled close to the highway passing by the gasoline station that I had stopped a hundred times before …by car completely ignorant about the cycle paths close by and this different perspective of seeing things. It happened again when I cycled to theContinue reading “Decision Made / Decisión Tomada”

People: Couchsurfing host Corina

She answered right away….and confessed it was because of the picture she trusted. Only then did she read about my story.We met at the Café she worked that evening, a spare time activity she was doing because she had fallen in love with the welcoming atmosphere it transmitted when she first entered it some yearsContinue reading “People: Couchsurfing host Corina”

People: Once a Farmer – now a Hotel Owner

March, 8th: I had my breakfast infront of the freshly lit fireplace. The mother and her about 12 year old son cut fruit in the kitchen, whispered, prepared tea, brought bread and cheese and jam.They sat down at the next table to have breakfast too. 13 years ago, they decided to change their living afterContinue reading “People: Once a Farmer – now a Hotel Owner”

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