People: Ein Interview mit Ady

Ady ist zum Augenblick meines Besuchs Zivildienstleistender an der ITW und ehemaliger Schüler…ein Gespräch im Kaffeezimmer….dem Sinn nach wiedergegeben: “Ich bin jetzt wieder hier als Zivi, um meine Dankbarkeit auszudrücken und um etwas zurückzugeben von dem, was ich als Schüler hier bekommen und erlebt habe. Es war ein Weltenwechsel. Ich kam mit 13 Jahren anContinue reading “People: Ein Interview mit Ady”

ITW – Integrale Tagesschule Winterthur

It is the day the team meets again after the holiday break….the pupils will only come back the next day. Time is dedicated for reconnecting among the team and for learning around core intentions and for inspiring inputs. The introduction blows my mind: Spiral Dynamics and how they offer a basis for understanding and connectingContinue reading “ITW – Integrale Tagesschule Winterthur”

Connection, an addictive drug

ENGLISH: Cycling again….each day there are some kilometres more  than the day before… Along the Aare between Olten and Brugg…the landscape is wonderful…rolling with the water downhill… It is Saturday morning, all in fog and people walking their dogs… What motivates them to be out there?…and I start an experiment: “I’m cycling through Europe focussingContinue reading “Connection, an addictive drug”

An evening with Benedetta Barabino

…from « Dance with Me» in Geneva/Switzerland I met Benedetta during the LEE lab close to Berlin last year where she presented her work with young adults, most of them with migratory background and traumatic experiences, in a context of theatre and dance ( She was inspired and inspiring through her passion, an inner fire thatContinue reading “An evening with Benedetta Barabino”

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